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Sneha Fresh Chicken

Culinary virtuoso


Superior quality meat
Hygienic practices
Straight from farms
Profitable brand equity

Sneha Fresh Chicken

Sneha Group has an extensive network of chicken retail and wholesale outlets under our flagship brand Sneha Fresh Chicken. Known for its finest quality and taste, Sneha Fresh Chicken is already a favourite among many Indian households. “Kitchen Kitchen lo Sneha Chicken” describes the unparalleled trust that people from India have kept in us. With a prime objective of providing them high-protein fresh, chilled and frozen chicken with taste and tenderness, we made it bigger than a business, an iconic brand.

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This brand equity in the market is marked by a higher percentage of yield making the business proposition all the more profitable to our channel partners. Our consistency in maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards ensures you get nothing but the freshest of chicken straight from the farms. Our 100+ own retail outlets and 2500+ franchise retail outlets with hundreds of traders deliver certified, freshest, juicy and tender chicken to millions of households and commercial establishments. We are also a proud supplier of chicken to the Indian Army and Indian Navy.