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Trading & Retail

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Trading & Retail

We are the market leaders in live bird trading in Telangana & AP. Throughout our 3-decade journey, we have built a robust broiler distribution system. The company has started its broiler trading around the city of Hyderabad with a specially designed caged van.

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With this robust supply chain mechanism, well-trained and customer service oriented staff who are experts in precise weighing and timely lifting of birds, we are able to achieve on-time deliveries to the distributors all the time.

  • 700+ traders lift birds from our chicken farms and cater to their customer base
  • 225+ delivery vehicles transport birds from our farms to our bulk customers and their processing units
  • Own vehicles are deployed to transport birds to over 75 of our company chicken outlets
  • 100+ COCO model retail outlets, and 2500+ franchise model outlets
  • 500+ hotels and restaurants are catered daily in twin cities
  • 45+ Reefer trucks for 500+ hotel supplies across Hyderabad
  • Supply of live birds to 100+ company outlets and 2500+ franchisee outlets