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Sneha Poultry Feed

Culinary virtuoso


Wholesome nutrition
Supports muscle development and growth
High digestibility
Easy to eat crumbles

Sneha Poultry Feed

Healthy poultry always requires a specific amount of nutrition in the form of protein and carbohydrates, along with necessary vitamins, dietary minerals, and an adequate supply of water. All feed mills have a dedicated Analytical and Quality control lab to ensure highly nutritious crumble and pellet feed. Our maize is stored in silos, with a storage capacity of 1,50,000 MT.


Sneha Farms Private Limited operates six feed mills across the states of Telangana, AP and Karnataka with a total capacity of 4,550 TPD poultry feed. All these plants are equipped with the latest technology and machinery supplied by Buhler. Our vitamins and feed supplements are directly imported from globally reputed manufacturers.